Innovation consulting for mass production

Production Engineered Designs: Innovation for Mass Production

Jim Montagnino is a vastly experienced and accomplished, Engineering, Marketing & Operations Executive, with extensive leadership, business development, product innovation, Asian sourcing/procurement, strategic planning and project management skills in Consumer Products, Business Machines, Scientific Instruments, Aero Space & Tool/Machine.

Jim has Worked on a broad spectrum of projects such as the Saturn Space Program dealing with optics, and Panoramic reconnaissance systems used during the Vietnam War, as well as the first Orbital Reconnaissance Systems, the first Video Technologies for CBS (EVR), Electronic Mailing Systems for Pitney Bowes, Scale Technologies (weighing, body fat & body composition) for Tanita Corp. of Japan, HealthOmeter, and weigh on the fly for Pitney Bowes mailing systems, personal care (hair, cosmetic, massage, therapeutic, skin), Humidification/Air technologies and Personal Wellness Systems for Sharper Image, Helen of Troy, Sunbeam, Clairol and KAZ.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

As a strategic thinker and planner, who is skilled in the design and execution of effective engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and business programs, Jim uses his expertise in international business relations & OEM sourcing.

Trained under 3 world renown scientists  Wernher von Braun (Father of Rocket Science), Peter Carl Goldmark of CBS (Early Color television, LP record, EVR/Beta) & Dr. Dennis Gabore of CBS (Noble prize for Holography) , Jim Montagnino learned the philosophy “don’t tell me what you cannot do, tell me what you can do!”

A Personal Approach to Ideation Consulting

Jim employs a diverse professional development, which includes strategic planning, business expansion/development, contract acquisition and negotiation, product development, marketing, project leadership, client relations patent development and cost controls.

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